Greenix Village is a cultural art centre promoting Kerala's varied art forms under a single roof.

Every evening we showcase Kerala's best known dance drama Kathakali, its martial art form Kalaripayattu, a daily cultural audio-visual history at our in-house museum, classical indian music in the late evening & yoga training classes every morning.

This cultural art centre also houses an art gallery restaurant, a curio shop, book shop & vignettes of Kerala's cottage & craft industry. The village opens at 06.00 am & closes by 10.00pm.

Greenix Artist-in-Residence

Celebrate Greenix unconditional hospitality with your creative greatness.

Greenix invites foreign travelers to Cochin to be its Artist-in-Residence. Individuals from all types of creative platforms; visual arts, music, performing arts, architecture, design, dance, researchers and healing art therapists are invited to enjoy Greenix unconditional hospitality while demonstrating their creative gift for a working period of one week. Greenix provides ancestral Kerala village ambience to express your creative greatness involuntarily. The artist is free to use the residency for his or her own purposes, without any obligation towards the host.

Kerala ‘s performing arts

For most of us growing up in the Kerala’s villages and towns, dance has been an integral part of our lives. From the days we remember as children, long before bollywood put on colour, the only entertainment we had were the temple and church festivals that dotted a calendar year. Each festival brought along a revelry and celebration that spread days before into every nook and corner of the evergreen Kerala Village landscape.

The energy of Theyyam with its invocations, the satire and interactive performances of Chakiyarkoothu and Ottanthullal, the emotionally charged eyes of the Kathakali performer,   or the sound of the clash of swords and steel from the nearby Kalaripayattu training centre; all symbolised the colour of rural village life. To top it all, the Kathakali performances, patronised by local landlords,  long before the monsoon turned the countryside into a melange of  mud and water, starting just after dusk and continuing till the break of dawn, provided us children an excuse to overstay outside our homes.

At Greenix, we owe our origin to such evergreen nostalgia and also to a deep and abiding passion to conserve our various dances in its original form. This passion for conservation of Kerala’s dance forms has made us bring together the largest repertory of dance performers in Kerala State. It has also helped us create Greenix Village, at Fort Kochi, a veritable treasure trove of information, performances and a miniaturized recreation of our rich and beautiful culture and its colourful dance forms.